The Gang's All Here!

The Gang's All Here!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Little Things

We had a nice weekend which included a short trip up to Charlotte to celebrate our nieces' birthdays. The kids had a blast (the party included a bounce house, what's not to love??) and we had a good time catching up with family and friends. It was one of those weekends that started out sunny and in the 80's and ended up rainy and in the 50's. You've gotta love a 30+ degree temperature swing in a 24 hour period! The kids were somewhat well behaved in the car and amazingly patient when we were stuck behind an accident returning home on I-85. I-85 in Georgia is notoriously bad and I'm not sure I've ever taken a road trip on that interstate where we didn't sit behind an accident. Yesterday was at least a 5 mile back-up but we used the GPS to detour ourselves around it. Thank god for technology on days like that!

Radiation is going well. I'm starting to meet some people and I've enjoyed chatting with them. The staff (and patients, for that matter) could not be any nicer so I really don't mind having to be there every day. I had a marathon day on Friday which included radiation, a Herceptin treatment, an x-geva treatment and a flu shot to round things off. I was exhausted but didn't feel bad, so that was a bonus. I was able to catch up with Kate again for our Herceptin treatment. She's doing well, considering that she's still getting chemo every three weeks. I really admire her spirit, she's still so positive. I've got my fingers crossed that she's going to get good news this time around.

As I mentioned earlier, it's chilly here in the south. I always have to chuckle a little bit when it gets below 65 here, because people break out the Uggs, scarves and winter coats. Yes, it's cool, but not cold! Although, at the moment I'm freezing and I'm tempted to break out my ski socks. Being that our AC was on over the weekend, I refuse to turn on the heat. It just seems wrong to go from AC to heat, there should be a "period of silence" where you don't have to use either unit and enjoy saving a little cash. So, it's 62 degrees in my house but damn it, we're saving money! It's the little things, really...

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