The Gang's All Here!

The Gang's All Here!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Hello From the Other Side!

Channeling my inner Adele here :). So, yeah, it's been awhile (a LONG while) since I've updated. Our life has been so busy and my uninterrupted computer time can best be described as laughable. But, the fantastic news is that I HAVE been busy, healthy and happy!

We had a busy fall packed with cheerleading for Stella, soccer for Simon and 500 ear infections for Emma. Poor kiddo has really had a battle with her ears, but we finally saw a pediatric ENT last week and she'll be going in for tubes on February 1. While I hate that she'll have to have surgery and anesthesia, I'm focusing on the fact that this should dramatically improve her quality of life. Because she's had 6 ear infections since September (ridiculous, right?!?!), Emma has significant hearing loss. The doctor is confident that most, if not all of her hearing will be restored after the surgery. Given that this is a critical development period for language and speech, the sooner she can have the surgery, the better. So, fingers crossed that the procedure will be a success!

Stella is loving kindergarten and we continue to be amazed at how much she is learning and growing. Turning 6 has encouraged Stella to keep reminding us that we know nothing and she knows "everything". Ahhh, 6 going on 16, how sweet. This fall she mastered riding her bike with out "stabilizers" (British speak for training wheels) and has been unstoppable ever since. STella enjoyed cheerleading, and will continue with it this spring. She's lost two teeth so far and very much enjoyed being a "princess of honor" in her Auntie B's wedding.

Simon literally never stops talking. For a kid who really didn't talk until two and half years old, he still seems to making up for lost time, god help us. At Simon's well check up, we discovered that he needed glasses. He has been a champ at wearing them, probably because he can actually see now. Talk about feeling like a mommy fail, that was a bad one. Simon aspires to be a garbage man or a post truck delivery guy. It changes by the hour, but no doubt the highlight of his day is when one or both of these guys arrive. Big dreamers right here in the Hinman house...Simon enjoyed playing soccer, but we really think golf is going to be his game. He still refers to himself as "Jordan Spieth" and plays golf every chance he gets. Steve took him to the FedEx Cup Championship and nearly blew Simon's mind. One of the pros there was quite impressed with his ability to hit the ball, so stay tuned, he could be our ticket to fame (Kidding! Mostly...).

I began playing tennis this fall and have absolutely fallen in love with the game. I play twice a week currently (yes, even when it's 28 degrees outside). In cancer news, I continue to feel great and remain cancer free, wahoo!! Had a PET scan in late December which was perfect minus some scar tissue that has started creeping up around my right implant. I met with my breast surgeon yesterday and we did an MRI and ultrasound to confirm that it is indeed scar tissue and nothing else, yay! My other big news is that I had my port removed in December. My oncologist wanted it out and I was happy to oblige. I am so happy to have that thing gone!

Steve has enjoyed working with the Georgia Tech MBA students this fall (and continues to) helping them with mock case interviews and general coaching. He seems to really be enjoying it! We have both committed to being more active this year. Steve played on a rec league soccer team this fall and loved it. His team starts back up again in February.

Steve and I continue to be grateful for all of your love and support. I promise to do a better job keeping the blog updated - life just gets so hectic sometime. We're looking forward to an amazing 2016 - happy new year everyone!!