The Gang's All Here!

The Gang's All Here!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Summer Break, Part 2

Let me just preface this post by sharing that my children have been on fall break (or, more realistically, summer break part 2) for the ENTIRE week. I am warning you in advance, should you notice a slightly manic, definitely exhausted air...

So, yes, the dear children are on a week long hiatus after a grand total of three weeks in school. In defense (I guess... not really), the county schools started August 4th, so they've been at it for a few extra weeks. But still, people, it's hot, we've been to the pool, the mosquitos are still attacking in rapid numbers and I got sun burned last weekend. I'm just referring to this little sojourn as Summer Won't Die, so let's party like it's June. It's hasn't been terrible that bad having the kids home, but gosh darn it, we had JUST gotten into the weekday/ school/ back-to-reality routine. The kids were at school learning, I was running a million errands and getting so.much.done. That has come to a screeching halt this week, because anyone who has a child will understand the stamina and will power required to run errands with small children. It's a marathon, (a very dirty, knock down marathon), not a sprint. A quick run to pick up a *few* things at the grocery turns into an hour ordeal because I didn't pick the right frozen pancakes and suddenly there are maddening opinions on the right kind of goldfish. You get the point. And let's not even discuss the Mothership that is Target. Might as well strap on a trailer to our cart, because it ain't going to be pretty. I received a 20 minute diatribe from Stella on the merits of Halloween d├ęcor yesterday while at Target...

In other news, I'm pretty sure Murphy is trying to confirm my reservation at the funny farm. That dog is going to be what sends me directly to the quick side of Crazytown. The other day, before 9am, she managed to poop in the office (where Steve was working, right next to his desk!!!) immediately after I had taken her outside, destroy a piece of the kids artwork, pee by the back door, steal a loaf of bread off on the counter (and consume it, bag and all) while I walked into the laundry room to grab backpacks and lunch boxes. During the 20 minutes I was upstairs showering, dressing and getting the kids ready for school, she pooped in the office again (carb overload?!?) and chew up a kids toy. After I ran the kids to school (15 minutes, tops), Murphy had gotten into my brand new box of Dunkin Donuts Pumpkin Coffee. K Cups were scattered all over the kitchen in varying degrees of destruction. She greeted me with the shredded box in her mouth. I will say, to her credit, she knew I was pissed. She hung her head and walked straight to the back door to go outside. I was able to salvage about half of the K cups, but seriously?!?! Those are not cheap, and HELLO - they were pumpkin!! She capped off that wonderful day by pooping one final time in the office...

Come Tuesday, it's back to the real world for us. I'm not sure I could be more excited!!!!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Last Blast of Summer

I'll apologize in advance- I'm updating from the iPad, so it's likely I'll forget to add words and not proofread ;)

Life in the Hinman house has been busy the past couple of weeks. School is going well for the kids and they really seem to be enjoying their teachers/ classes. I continue to be amazed that Simon has come so far socially. He's chatting up a storm in class and is enthusiastic intelling me about his day. I love it!!! Stella is rocking preK- I'm thrilled she's being challenged academically. She actually has homework every night. Of course, she thinks it's awesome, I've been struggling with the added responsibility of making sure it gets done...

We headed to the Hinman Family Compound in South Carolina over Labor Day for some much needed family and beach time. The kids had a blast at the beach and pool. Cousin time is always a special treat :). The weather was fantastic, although hot.

As for me, I've split my time between doctors appointments, volunteering, carpool and soccer practice. While I do miss the long, lazy days of summer (and let me say that it is still very much summer here, temps in the 90's, hot, humid and storms every afternoon...), it's nice to be back on a schedule! Stella has her first soccer game of the season tomorrow morning and we have one final pool party on Sunday.

Bring on the cooler (notice I said cooler, not COLD) weather, pumpkin everything and college football! Happy fall, y'all!!