The Gang's All Here!

The Gang's All Here!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Random Craptasticness

I'd like to start off by saying that it is February 23rd and I'm wearing shorts and a t-shirt. What on earth is going on with the weather? This post will probably go downhill from here, as I don't really have anything valuable to say, but here are a few (very random) thoughts.
I've been doing a decent amount of reading this week. And no, I'm really not sure how I've had the time because I'm up to my eyeballs in the terrible twos. Stella's current trick is getting out of her bed at naptime. We went through this in the fall and it was maddening. At that point I was 13 months pregnant and fatter than a cow, so hoofing up and down the steps was laughable. Why don't I just ignore her? Ah, well, the sound of my ceiling being bombed by toddler books and lamps upended is enough to send anyone running. I honestly would not be surprised to find her swinging from the ceiling fan with a book in one arm laughing and saying "wheeeee!"... Aughhh, off topic again! My point is, I should be "resting" and perhaps reading, but instead I am doing a stairclimber workout that would rival Jane Fonda. I just returned from a trip upstairs that found Stella sitting on her changing pad (that she had ripped off the dresser) stacking lotions (how did she FIND those?) and books. Seven trips upstairs and counting today...
Anyway, I have found a little time for some reading. My brother and his wife sent me a wonderful book, "Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book". It's been a very interesting read, I highly reccomend it, especially if you're looking to learn more about breast cancer. Steve and I ordered some cancer awareness things (bracelets, etc) and they arrived on Tuesday. In the package was a printout of some chemo tips. Normally I wouldn't take the time to glance over something like that, but I'm really glad I did. The tip sheet was great, finally someone with some cancer humor!! My favorite tip was: Precaution! You will not get every symptom listed for chemo! Finally, some stuff that I could relate too. After reading all of the literature the doctors gave me on the 520 drugs I'm taking, of course I was convinced that I was going to either stroke out, have liver failure or a heart attack, never mind cancer... It's such a small thing, I know, but it was really nice to read something from someone who could see the humor in this mess. I put the sheet in my nightstand for when I'm having a bad day.
The other big project for this week has been placing an add for a nanny. Apparently M. Poppins is not available (so rude) and we're going to have to find someone else to run this three ring circus. Steve was kind enough (I'm giving him mad props, I have not been particularly enthusiastic about this) to write and place the add online. When I checked our email this morning, we'd had a lot of interest. I'll just say this: If you cannot bother to write a complete sentence or spell at least 75% of the words correctly, it's probably not going to be a great fit... good lord! There appeared to be several interesting people, so I'm optimistic that we'll find a good match.
In other news over the weekend, Steve and Matt (my brother-in-law) decided that my cancer needed a name. I rolled my eyes, I mean, seriously? But, I thought about it and really, why not? They made a good point, if my cancer had a name, they could trash talk it until the cows come home. If our family does nothing else well, we do humor like a bad habit. So, they named my cancer Kyle (sorry if that's a particular favorite). It's a long story and alcohol may have been involved. Kyle is getting no love from my family. Poor, poor Kyle, it's probably time you hit the road running, buddy!

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