The Gang's All Here!

The Gang's All Here!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pretty Freaking Fantastic!

Tennis ball yellow. Yes, that's the color of anything outside this week. Every spring I forget just how gross the pollen actually is. However, this year I was thinking that it seemed worse, maybe because it's about 3 weeks ahead of schedule. Breaking news: Atlanta has shattered it's own pollen records by over a thousand the past two days. Neat!! It's a wonder our bodies don't turn this strange shade of green-yellow.

It's been a good week. Actually, it's been a great week! I feel really good (other than my allergies, but I'm suffering along with every other person in Georgia right now!). Part of the reason I think that I feel so good is all of the support we continue to get. It's fantastic!! I can't really explain how much it means with the right words, so I'll say this: THANK YOU! The steady stream of emails, cards, letters, visitors... it's just what I need right now :) It's impossible to feel anything but happy and optimistic when we've got so many people rooting for us. We're eating like kings! I'm going to have to get some SERIOUS cooking skills when this is all said and done, because the meals we've received have been 5 star. People really are amazing and it's so very, very cool when they have a common goal. One of the most awesome things that has happened since my diagnosis is the support of my alma mater, JMU (Go Dukes!). As many of you know, I went to JMU undergrad and majored in Kinesiology (look it up, it's a cool major!)with a concentration in Athletic Training. While there, I was a member of then, the SATA (Student Athletic Trainers Association). This group was my life, especially the last two years of school when I spent most of my waking (and some not) hours in the training room, working with athletes, logging hours for the national exam and just trying to graduate in 4 years! We were a tight knit crew, and I had some of the best times of my college life with this group. I'm sure our professors weren't always thrilled with how close we all were (you know, some days in class EVERYTHING was funny, even if it was just about tape) but they tolerated us and our shenannigans with grace and dignity. Anyway, my point is, that this is an amazing group of students at a fantastic (let's just say it, the best school in Virginia!) university willing to go the extra mile for someone they've never even met: me. The MATSA students have decided their Relay for Life event to me, how cool is that??? If you have a chance, please check out their page:

So, yup, feeling pretty freaking fantastic this week!

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