The Gang's All Here!

The Gang's All Here!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Chitter Chatter

I had my final round of tests on Monday. The last test was a bone scan which I had not had done previously. It was actually quite enjoyable (I'm being honest!) and certainly easier than an MRI or even the PET scan. The only complaint is that it's time consuming (over 3 hours, you have an injection and then come back 3 hours later for the scan). The bone scan was nice because the scan tech actually stays in the room, so I had someone to talk to. He was friendly and entertaining, so the 35 minute scan went by quickly. I was also allowed to move my head which was great; in the other types of scans you can barely breathe!

Ironically (or maybe not), I'm getting to know some of the scan techs quite well. My hospital recently went through a huge merger/ acquisition (they are sucking up places left and right) and it's become a regional cancer center. Anyway, they've been advertising like crazy on TV and I have seen the commercial(s) a bunch of times. One of the commercials features the PET scan technology and I thought that I'd recognized Chris (one of the PET scan techs). Yup, it was definitely him on TV! It's also interesting to be able to converse with said techs regarding testing etc, I know so much of the lingo now and they seem to like that I take an interest. Signs that you're spending too much time in the medical industry... ;).

I won't have any of my results until February 15th, when I see my oncologist. Yes, it's a long time to wait, but frankly, I don't have time to stress about it. The kids are taking 100% (realistically, 256%) of my time. Simon is EVERYWHERE. He's like a little mobile wrecking ball. He's quite happy these days, I'm assuming mainly because he can get into all kinds of trouble now. Simon is also very loud. He "talks" at top volume and regularly cracks himself (and us) up. Luckily, most people we encounter find him "charming" and "entertaining" (thank you to the kind folks sitting around us at Chili's last night- Simon had LOTS to share with the enitre restaurant. At least he was happy, right?). I had been agonizing over the last few weeks as to whehter or not to sign him up for preschool next year. In the end, I decided that he would probably love it and the socialization would be good for him. He's certainly not a shy child...

Stella continues to amaze us with her rapidly expanding vocabulary and antics. I think the funniest part of her personality right now is her mixed use of southern accent and Brittish prep school pronunciations. Please, allow me to share. Here's a typical Stella phrase this week: "I can't (pronounced with a Brittish accent) go up the hill (said: heel) and peel my banana (also Brittish). I'm serious, it's hilarious. That, and the fact that she never stops talking. In case you are wondering, the Brittish accent comes from our nanny.I have no idea why my children are such chatterboxes...surely they don't come by it honestly?!?! ;)

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