The Gang's All Here!

The Gang's All Here!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

(UN)Endless Summer

Hey there! It's been awhile (a long while, actually) but I promise ALL IS WELL! We had (note that I used the word HAD, because Stella started Kindergarten yesterday!!! GAH!) a fantastic summer and I'm truly sad to see it go. Not that you'd really know it, because it's still 4,000 degrees here every day. But yes, we really enjoyed this summer. We had lots of playdates at the pool which was nice for all of us. I somehow managed to keep all three kids alive during said pool playdates, so that's a serious accomplishment in my book. We enjoyed a fantastic week in Virginia visiting friends and family along with a very cool pirate pool. We also spent the 4th of July at the Hinman family compound in South Carolina which is always a blast.

Steve bought a new keyboard for our computer and I'm struggling with it. First world problems, I know. I was just re-reading what I've typed and at least 50% of it is horribly misspelled. The keys are different, I'm sure it's not my brain... So, sorry if this reads like Stella typed it. Speaking of Stella, yesterday was her first day of Kindergarten! I cannot believe it's time for her to be old enough to do all of these "big kid" things. She's riding the bus (she loves the cheesewagon!) to and from school. I was slightly nervous (re: terrified) for this process, but her bus driver is a certified rock star. She laid down the law immediately, the K's have assigned seats in the front of the bus, and the whole safe rider program is just wonderful. Stella also made sure to go over all of the rules again with me last night to make sure I understood them. Stella has decided to retire from her soccer career (it really wasn't her jam) and has joined the school cheerleading team. Yes, you read that correctly. I swallowed my pride and will be embracing giant hair bows and short skirts on my daughter...

Simon starts preschool in two more weeks (a much more reasonable start, in my humble opinion). He'll be going three days a week, attending St. Catherine's again this year. We love it there and are looking forward to him having a great year! Simon continues to be OBSESSED with golf. He refers to himself as "Jordan Speith" and practices every chance he gets. He's renamed all of us with pro golfer names. For example: Steve is Rory McIlroy (but pronounced: Rony Macoroni because well, Simon is 3 I guess), I am Ricky Fowler (but pronounced: Rikky Fouled) and the list goes on. God help us if we don't address one another as such when golf is on TV or he is in "golf mode". The has a dynamite swing, so maybe we're onto something here?!?!

Emmaline continues to grow like a weed! At her 4 month check-up she was an entire 2 inches than Stella was at that age. She has chunked up quite nicely and is still a super happy baby. She thinks the sun rises and sets with her big brother and sister. They can make her smile and laugh like no one else. The doctor suggested we start her on solids before six months, given her size (she's 100% in height, 60% in weight, preemie my ass!), so she's loving most of her first foods. Rolling over is her favorite activity and it wouldn't surprise us if she's crawling before too much longer!

As for me, I had my three month check-up with the oncologist last week. All is well in that department, I am happy to report!! My blood work came back perfect, tumor markers are right where they should be.  I am feeling fantastic these days- a feeling that I now cherish.

That's just a quick summary of things in the Hinman House. I'm hoping to be able to update the blog more often now that Stella is in school and Simon is headed there shortly!!

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